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Litelink Product Accessories

 Model  Description
 ALM-1000  Alarm module
 Camera & Accessories  Cameras, Monitors, Housings, Lens, Brackets
 RSW-1002  Redundant Signal Switch
 VM-2004  Video Distribution Amplifier 1x4
 VLD-3002, 3001,1001  Video Loss Detectors
 OC-1002  Optical Coupler
Rack & Adapters
 ADP-xxxx  Fiber Optic Adapters
 ATN-xxxx  Fiber Optic Attenuators
 RMPA-xxxx  Fiber Optic Adapter Panels (bulkhead)
 RMP-1000,2000,3000  Rack mounting panel for Equipment or Adaptersl
 DIN-1000  DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
 ENCL-1002  Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure
Power Supplies
 PS-1205 US  Power Supply (US Wall Plug 0.5 Amp)
 PS-1208 EU  Power Supply (European Union Wall Plug 0.8 Amp)
 PS-1210  Power Supplies (1 Amp)
 PS-1260  Power Supplies (6 Amp)

 Most of the products can be ordered in a configuration compatible with the older MCR-1000 rack.

Remember, If you don't find the product you need, call as not all the available products are listed on the web.  

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