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Litelink Fiber Optic Intercoms

Fiber Optics Intercom system are utilized when you need;

      Secure communications (Fiber Optics are inherently difficult to tap)
      Electromagnetic Isolation (no RFI noise, no ground loops )
      High Voltage Isolation (communications into shielded rooms, bucket trucks)
      Long cable runs without amplifiers (up to 40 miles)
      Cable runs immune to corrosion

Litelink manufactures a standard fiber optic intercom that can be used for point-to-point or party line applications, a fully electrically isolated, weatherproof fiber optic bucket truck intercom and a weatherproof conventional wired bucket truck intercom.

Click for

    INCX-4001 standard Fiber Optic Intercom

    INCX-2201/2101 Fiber Optic Isolated Bucket Truck Intercom

    INCX-1101/1201 Waterproof Wired Bucket Truck Intercom

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