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Designing your Fiber Optic Transmission System

Designing your fiber optic transmission system with Litelink© components and accessories is simple and straightforward. Since all components and accessories are fully compatible, any of the company?s products may be used "side-by-side" with other products thereby allowing the exact signal flow configuration desired to be easily achieved.

 Typical Transmission System

The procedure to use to choose the correct system for your application is as follows:

-no Wavelength Fiber Type Connector Transmission Distance*
-1 850nm multimode ST up to   2 miles ( 3Km)
-3 1310nm multimode ST up to   6 miles (10Km)
-7 1310nm single-mode FCPC up to 20 miles (30Km)
   -8** 1310nm single-mode ST up to 20 miles (30Km)
-9 1550nm single-mode FCPC up to 40 miles (60Km)

View a typical product outline drawing (PDF 22KB)

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