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Litelink Commercial Fiber Optic Intercoms

Below are our Standard Fiber Optic  Intercoms.   Click here for our Industrial Intercoms

INCX-4001 Intercom Station
 Click for a larger image of the Optical Intercom Station

 Typical Optical Intercom Application  Typical Master Intercom Application  

Our intercoms can be configured several ways;

  • point to point (one station to one station
  • party line
  • one master station  to many slave stations
 # of Stations   Model (click for data sheet) Base Price*
1   INCX-4001-1  Intercom Station
  (master not require for point to point or party line)
10   INCM-4010-1  Master Intercom Station $2,780.00
11 to 20   INCM-4020-1  Master Intercom Station call
20 to 40   INCM-4040-1  Master Intercom Station call

*Base Price for 850nm multi-mode optics.  1310nm multi-mode & single mode are also available.
Price are subject to change without notice.  Please email for quote.

If you need to link two telephones directly together to form a telephone intercom use our TLPX-1001

Options for the INCX-4001



  Photo   Price
  Head set with boom
    ACC-1001  Click for larger image of Headset $35.00
  Head set with boom noise
  canceling microphone
    ACC-1003   Click for larger image of Headset with Boom Mic $135.00
  Amplified External   
    ACC-1004   Click for larger image of Speaker  $110.00
  Hand set


Hand Set $97.00
  Hand set Wall Hanger


  Click for larger image of Handset Wall Hanger $14.00
  Push To Talk Microphone


  Click for larger image of Push To Talk Microphone $48.00
  Desktop Microphone


Click for larger image of Desktop Microphone $58.00

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