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Litelink© Manuals

Below are the latest user manuals in PDF format.  If you need manual for earlier version, please contact us.  Get Adobe PDF reader   Click to get Acrobat Reader

  Model Description File Size
ALM-1000 Alarm Module  74 KB
AT/AR-1001 Audio Tx / Rx  87 KB


Audio Transceiver

 87 KB


Audio Contact Tx / Rx

 87 KB
CT/CR-7008 Contact Closure Tx / Rx  25 KB
CT/CR-7001 Contact Closure Tx / Rx  25 KB
DX-7001 Universal Data Transceiver  96 KB
DX-7101 DB-25 Data Transceiver  95 KB
DX-7501 Digital Current Loop  116 KB
INCX-4001 Intercom  61 KB
PS-1205 US Power Supply 0.5 Amp  77 KB
PS-1208 EU Power Supply 0.8 Amp  77 KB
PS-1210 Power Supply 1.0 Amp  96 KB
PS-1260 Power Supply 6.0 Amp  96 KB
RMP-1000,2000,3000 Rack Mounting Panel  96 KB
RSW-1002 Redundant Video Switch  118 KB
TLLX-1001 Telephone Line Transceiver  151 KB
TLPX-1001 Telephone Phone Transceiver  151 KB
VAT/VAR-1001 Video, Audio, & Data Tx / Rx  26 KB
VDT/VDR-1001 Video & Data Tx / Rx  93 KB
VM-2004 Video Distribution Amplifier  21 KB
VT/VR-1001 Video Tx / Rx  84 KB
VT/VR-1301 Video Radar 30 MHz Tx / Rx  85 KB
VT/VR-9004 Video 4 Channel Mux Tx / Rx  74 KB
WT/R-7001 Wiegand Tx/Rx  124 KB


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