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INCX-1101 /1201    Wired
 Intercom System
For Outdoor Intercom Applications  

   INCX-1101  Bucket Truck Intercom

The LiteLink® INCX-1101 & 1201 is a high quality wired intercom specifically designed for non-insulated  bucket operations.

The INCX-1101, Local (cab) Intercom Transceiver Unit, utilizes Push-to-talk operation, is powered by the vehicle. This unit has an input for audible alarm, so that a tip sensor output can be utilized.

INCX-1201, Remote (bucket) Intercom Transceiver Unit, has hands free operation and is powered from the cab unit through the interconnecting cable.

Both units contain integrated speaker & microphone, power and volume controls, optical transceiver enclosed in rugged weatherproof metal enclosures. Indicators provide link status and the presence of operating power making system troubleshooting simple.

The system will require a power cable (ie CAB-PWR-02) and interconnecting cable in lengths specific to your application needs  (ie CAB-INT-023, see below table for more options) 

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Specifications Important Features
Audio Bandwidth (min)  200 Hz to 5 Hz    · Rugged Weatherproof Housing    
Audio Input  Integral Microphone  · Hands Free Operation at
    Remote End 
Audio Output  10 watts peak Speaker   · Distances of up to 1000 feet
Indicators  Link, Power  
Electrical Isolation 10KV/inch (fiber cable alone)   
Controls  Power, Push-to-Talk, Volume  
Optical Connectors  Industry standard ST  
External Alarm Input  11-16VDC @100 mA
Power Requirements  12 VDC nomimal
Humidity <95% non-condensing
MTBF (per MIL HBK 217D) >120,000 hours
Operating Temperature -35 to +75 degrees C
Physical Size (mm)  6.0" x 5.0" x 3.0"
(153mm x 128mm x 76mm)

Note all specifications are subject to change without notice


Standard cable lengths (custom upon request)

Model Length
CAB-INT-010 Intercom cable 10m (32.8')
CAB-INT-015 Intercom cable 15m (49.2')
CAB-INT-023 Intercom cable 23m (75.4')
CAB-INT-025 Intercom cable 25m (82')
CAB-INT-026 Intercom cable 26m (85.28')
CAB-INT-040 Intercom cable 40m (131.2')
CAB-INT-060 Intercom cable 60m (196.8')

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