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Litelink© Fiber Optic Security Products

All fiber transmission systems are available in multimode or single mode fibers.

 Model  Description
 AT/AR-1001  Audio Line Level (balance or unbalance) Transmission
 AX-1001  Audio Line Level (balance or unbalance) Transceiver
 ACX-1001  Audio Line Level (balance or unbalance) with contact Transceiver
 AM-1004  Audio Line Level (balance or unbalance) Fiber Distribution
 CT/CR-7001  Contact Closure, 1 Channel (not for new designs)
 CT/CR-8001  Contact Closure, 1 Channel
 CT/CR-7008  Contact Closure, 8 Channels
 CT-7108  Contact Closure, 8 Channels Supervised Contact
 CT/CR-7204  Contact Closure, 4 Channels Supervised (fire alarm systems)
 DX-7001  Digital Data - RS 232,422,485, TTL DC to 10Mb/s
 DX-7101  Digital Data - RS 232 with DB25 DC to 200Kb/s
 DX-7501  Digital Data - 0-20, or 30 mA Current Loop
 TLPX/TPLX-1001  Telephone / Phone Intercom - obsolete replaced by 2001
 TLPX/TPLX-2001  Telephone / Phone Intercom
 TLPX/TPLX-1201  Telephone / Phone Bogen® Intercom
 WT/WR-7001  Wiegand® only Interface
 WCT/WCR-7001  Wiegand® and Contact Closure Interface
 VT/VR-1001  Video 10 MHz
 VT/VR-1301  Video / Radar 30 MHz
 VT/VR-8004  Video Mux, 4 video channels on one fiber
 VT/VR-4005  CATV Video, 5 channels on one fiber
 VAT/VAR-1001  Video & Stereo Audio on one fiber
 VCT/VCR-1001  Video & Contact Closure on one fiber
 VDT/VDR-1001  Video & Bi Directional Data on one fiber
 ALM-1000  Alarm module
 DIN-1000  DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
 PS-1205 US  Power Supply, Wall Plug
 PS-1208 EU  Power Supply (European Union Wall Plug 0.8 Amp)
 PS-1210, 1260  Power Supplies (1 & 6 Amp)
 RMP-1000,2000,3000  Rack mounting panels (1U, 2U & 3U)
 RSW-1002  Video Redundant Switch
 VQ-1004  Video Quad Processor
 VLD-3002, 3001,1001  Video Loss Detectors
 VM-2004  Video Distribution Amplifier 1x4

Most of the products can be ordered in a configuration compatible with the older MCR-1000 rack.  Just specify this option at time of quote or order.

Remember,  If you don't find the product you need,  call as not all the available products are listed on the web.

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